Online Sports Gambling

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Online Sports Gambling

In sports betting, it is best to gamble through a reputable online sport gambling site rather than a bookie in your local area. Police are always after a bookie and his gamblers but they are not after an online sports book and their gamblers.

Online sports betting is a multibillion dollar a year industry. Even though states have laws on online sports gambling, they are never enforced and since the laws are not clearly stated, there are many loopholes around gambling online if law authorities try to pursue an online gambler. In simplest terms, the law does not care or online gambling would not be a multibillion dollar industry.

All online sports books are overseas, the Bush Administration made it legally for online gambling to occur in the states but what they neglected to include in their law is being a US citizen and gambling overseas. This is technically not illegal to do.

To be honest, there are numerous online sports books that are crooks and will try to blatantly rob you without a care in the world. Two reputable online sports books are and They are prestigious and highly recommended.

One online sports book to avoid is Sites like this give the online sports gambling industry a bad name. It is a site where bookies from across the world can go to and operate. It is simply bad news.

For more information on reputable online sports books contact They are a reputable leader in sports handicapping and know the business extremely well.



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