Put Enough in the Slot Machine!

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Put Enough in the Slot Machine!

Is it possible to win money while playing the penny slots? Sure it is! Although a lot of people tell you the opposite, it is VERY possible to leave the casino with winnings from the penny machines.

There is always a risk whenever you are gambling, but if you think about what you are doing with the most concerted effort, you may find yourself with some extra money in your pocket when you are done playing.

My own strategy is to play at least $40.00 at a time. I have seen players come along and deposit a few dollars and usually, one of two things will happen. Either they will run out of money before the machine has had a chance to “hit” or they get impatient and walk away after only three or four handle pulls. That “leaves the door open” for another gambling enthusiast to sit down and possibly win what the player before him should have won.
Gambling isn’t an exact science; if it was, everyone would win and the casinos would go broke. So remember to deposit enough money in the slot machine to allow time for a “hit”, giving yourself a better chance to win.
Good Luck and Good Gambling!



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